Viking Clothing

Viking Clothing (cover)

Thor Ewing

Tempus Publishing Ltd 2006

ISBN 0-7524-3587-6

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Contrary to popular myth the Vikings had a reputation for neatness and their fashions were copied far beyond the realms of Scandinavia.  Those who could afford to displayed a love of fine clothes made from silks, from lightweight worsteds in subtly woven twills, and from the finest of linens. They wore short hair and their beards were carefully trimmed.

This accessible new book is the first to tackle the question of what the Vikings wore, drawing on evidence from art and archaeology, literature and linguistics to arrive at a fresh understanding of the nature of Viking clothing, covering rich and poor, men and women across Scandinavia. It includes an overview of Viking textiles and dyeing, and an exploration of cloth production and clothing in the context of Viking society as a whole, as well as a detailed consideration of both male and female outfits and a new interpretation of the suspended dress.  There is also a discussion of recent evidence suggesting that the Germanic and Viking pit house was primarily designed for textile production.

Writer and translator Thor Ewing graduated from Durham University in 1989, where he studied Medieval Literature. He has published books and academic articles on early medieval culture, and is currently completing a book on Viking and Germanic religion for Tempus.

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