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Word-based performances by Thor Ewing commonly include musical accompaniment or interludes.

Historical Storytelling.

As well as recitations of historical poetry in Modern English, Thor Ewing also performs works in their original languages.  Click here to listen to the opening lines of Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon.

Set performances:
  • Three Signs of Wisdom - verses on the theme of wisdom from medieval Welsh and Irish manuscripts, with music from Anne Marie Summers on harp, pibcorn, bagpipe, hurdy gurdy and percussion.
  • Coeur de Lion - The Life of Richard the Lionheart in words and music, drawing on twelfth-century songs and texts, and medieval verse romance. Music from Misericordia.
  • Cantigas de Santa Maria - Songs and stories in praise of the Virgin from thirteenth-century Spain, with music from Anne Marie Summers and Gaita.

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