The Lyre Man


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For thousands of years, the sound of the lyre dominated European and Celtic music.  Today it is almost unknown.


Rediscover the sound of this captivating instrument, and of the bone flutes, skin drums and songs that shared its musical world.

Thor Ewing, the Lyre Man, is deeply versed in the lyre’s history, and in the music and song of the Early Middle Ages, from Anglo-Saxon and Viking times to the last days of the lyre in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  The repertoire can include music from as far apart as Ancient Greece, and modern British and Scandinavian folk traditions.


He is also an accomplished exponent of the storytelling traditions and verse of early Britain and Scandinavia.


The Lyre Man can call on other musicians where appropriate, to create a unique Ancient Ensemble.


Available for lectures, concerts and costume performances!

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