Thor Ewing

Writer, Translator, Researcher

Singer, Storyteller, Musician


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Thor Ewing conducts research, and presents lectures and performances on historical themes.


A full bibliography of his articles and books on aspects of early medieval culture is available here, and selected articles are available in full here.


Click on the links below to see web pages for his books:
The Wisdom of the Celts
Viking Clothing


As a singer and musician, Thor Ewing works with musician Anne Marie Summers in the duo Squeake’s Noyse, performing songs and music from a wide variety of historical periods on an equally wide variety of instruments (bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, harp, lyre, bone flutes, recorder, percussion etc.).  Thor also performs with the bands Misericordia and Gaïta.  Thor also works as a historical storyteller, telling tales appropriate to a variety of eras.


Research and performance are combined to produce performance sets on specific themes, such as the life of Admiral Lord Collingwood, General Wolfe, Scandinavia in British traditional music, wisdom poetry from medieval Wales and Ireland etc.  Thor Ewing is also available to lecture on subjects associated with his research.


Click on the links below to see web pages for:

Squeake’s Noyse - Historical Music from Roman to Napoleonic times

Mandrake! - The Medieval Carnival Band

The Lyre Man

Thor Ewing as a Historical Storyteller


Thor also lectures on a variety of subjects associated with his interests in early medieval culture.  Please click on the link to find out about available lecture programmes.


Born in Putney in 1967 and brought up in south Bedfordshire, Thor Ewing moved to Durham in 1986 to study Medieval Literature. He remained in County Durham until 2004, and now lives on the Welsh border with his wife and family.


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