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Viking Clothing

Thor Ewing has written the only book on this subject (Viking Clothing, Tempus Publishing 2006), and in this lecture he presents an overview of his understanding of Viking clothing, including aspects of cloth and clothmaking. The exact content of the lecture varies depending on the specific interests of the audience or client.


Food and Drink in Anglo-Saxon England

There are several extant recipes from Anglo-Saxon times, but how much can they really tell us about pre-Conquest eating habits?  Where else can we look for information?


Germanic and Scandinavian Religion and Society

The Scandinavian myths are a colourful and familiar source for ancient religion.  But how did this religion work in the real world, and how did the worshippers understand their world and their gods?  Thor Ewing is currently completing a book on this subject for Tempus Publishing.


The Lyre in Western Music

The lyre was once the most important instrument in the Western world.  Thor Ewing looks at its long history, and discovers some unexpected traces in modern music.  Includes musical demonstrations on the lyre.  See The Lyre Man page.



Thor Ewing’s detailed knowledge of early medieval society and cultural history, especially Viking and Anglo-Saxon society, make him well qualified for consultancy on many aspects of these societies.  His specific fields of interest include music, clothing, food, literature, art and religion from 400 to 1400. 



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